Flight Simulator

The alliance of highly competent engineers and professional pilots, a unique combination of experts results in the development of leading edge simulator technology. In addition to the design and customisation of the simulators, the Team is also able to provide complete training concepts and Flight Training Manuals tailored to the customer's needs.

The simulators are built in a modular way. So the Trainer is scalable to the customer demands. Well designed sub-systems like Visual, Motion Base, Cockpit, Avionics, etc are linked together in a fail save, real time TTP-bus network. The Flight Trainers are basically designed as full flight simulators, working on low maintenance electrodynamic motion bases. As basic trainers they can also be installed as fix base systems. The Visual-System is scalable according to the needs of the customers. From single channel, to 360 vision - all installation variations are possible.

The use of a highly reliable Real Time Operating System, a well designed Data Bus structure and high quality hardware components result in superior performance, low maintenance and cost efficient flight training devices.

Due to the design philosophy the simulators can be exactly fitted to the requirements of the customer. If the training organisation is growing, a system upgrade is possible anytime.


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